It is the middle of the summer, meaning it’s the perfect time to explore the beautiful trails of San Francisco. Even though summers can be cooler, there are still plenty of awesome trails to discover. Take a look at our list of nine breezy hikes to discover the perfect waterfront trails this summer.

Have you been on any of these amazing waterfront trails? Let us know what your favorites were, or if you think there are any more that we should add to the list! Also, if you like your time in nature to be peaceful and quiet, you should check out this awesome hidden park in San Francisco.

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Waterfront Trails

Can I hike to abandoned places in San Francisco? 

There are a few exciting abandoned places near San Francisco that you can lace up your boots and hike to. In fact, some of the hikes above have exciting ruinous surprises, like the Angel Island abandoned hospital off Sunset Trail. Another great choice is taking the short walk to the unsettlingly eerie Point Reyes Shipwreck. If you have a passion for the nautical, this ghostly ship with surely blow your mind. Don't forget your camera and perhaps plan for an evening visit so you can catch the ship in the colors of the sunset. If you want your hike to be extra creepy, then take this haunted hike in Buena Vista park. You'll stroll past graves from the gold rush era! Make sure to keep an eye out for ghosts, there have been multiple sightings.

Which hikes in San Francisco are short and sweet?

Sometimes you want to get some fresh air and sunshine but aren't up for a big long trek, well luckily there are lots of exciting short hikes in San Francisco that will awaken your senses. We love the California Coastal trail for its ocean and city views and relatively easy walking. A gentle stroll through strawberry hill is another fun choice, you will barely notice the slight uphill climb with all of the gorgeous greenery you will be oohing and ahing at!

Which parks should I visit in San Francisco?

There are a whopping 220 city parks in San Francisco! Isn't that absolutely wild? You could visit a new park once a week for four years and still have a few left over. Of course we know that Golden Gate Park is a must see, but there are also lots of underrated parks in San Francisco that are perfect for finding some solitude. For urban splendor we recommend Ina Coolbrith Park and its breathtaking views of the city. If you are looking to parks as a way to feel like you've escaped the city then you will love John Mclaren Park.