These 5 Trails Around San Francisco Will Lead You To Extraordinary Abandoned Places

The San Francisco Bay area is a haven for nature lovers. If you want to explore and discover some different hikes then check out these 5 trails. These trails include abandoned ships, hospitals, military sites, and more! Let’s learn more about these 5 trails that will lead you to extraordinary abandoned places.

Have you been to any of these trails? Let us know. Share this story too! If you’re curious in an interesting hike in the city then check out The Unrivaled Canyon Hike In San Francisco Everyone Should Take At Least Once.

Address: 1 Buchanan Street, Albany, 94706
Address: 3660 Sneath Lane, San Bruno, 94044
Address: 12781 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Inverness, 94937
Address: 490 Sea Cliff Avenue, San Francisco, 94121