North Dakota’s Legendary Theodore Roosevelt National Park Becomes Even More Beautiful In The Fall

It’s no secret that the only official National Park in North Dakota is a true gem to visit. The beautiful scenery, abundance of wild animals, and great recreational opportunities make Theodore Roosevelt National Park a must-see destination. While it’s busiest in the summer, it could be argued that it is at its most breathtaking during fall – and here’s why:

If you’d like to visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park, then visit the official NPS website for everything you need to know. Even just visiting the Medora or Williston area can be beautiful without entry to the park’s two units! Where is your favorite place to visit in North Dakota in the fall? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Address: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

July 31, 2022

Just how large is Theodore Roosevelt National Park?  

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in western North Dakota and extends a truly awe-inspiring 70,000 acres. It’s a special place on this planet where the great plains of North America meet up with the Badlands, and it’s well known not just for being one of the most scenic places in North Dakota but also one of the most geographically diverse. You’ll encounter painted canyons, a petrified forest (one of just a few in the United States), amazing prairies, overlooks, and so much more. Come at night and look up – the sky out here is one of the best places for stargazing in North Dakota, too.  

What are some of the most beautiful state parks in North Dakota?  

There are 13 state parks in North Dakota at the time of this writing, and we think you ought to visit them all someday! Among the most beautiful state parks in North Dakota are gems like Lake Metigoshe State Park, which is nestled in the stunning Turtle Mountains and shares a border with Canada. It’s home to one of the cleanest lakes in the United States – Lake Metigoshe – and it’s a very popular destination for camping in North Dakota. Another favorite is the Lake Sakakawea State Park, situated around another stunning lake and also worth a day trip or longer.  

How many National Parks in North Dakota are there?  

North Dakota is the least-visited state in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. It just means that when you check out the three amazing National Parks in North Dakota, there won’t be many crowds! That’s right, at the time of this writing there are just three National Parks in North Dakota, but they are amazing and absolutely worth your time. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of them, as well as the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site and the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site.  

Address: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, USA