Tiny But Mighty, The Smallest State Park In North Dakota Is A Hidden Gem Worth Exploring

North Dakota is a state that has just over a dozen state parks; some of them are absolutely enormous (looking at you, Theodore Roosevelt National Park), but others are a lot less overwhelming. One of our favorite state parks in North Dakota of all time is, in fact, the smallest state park in the state: the delightful Sully Creek State Park is waiting for you to dip your toes in the water and maybe embark on an epic hiking journey! Come see why the smallest state park in North Dakota is also among the best:

For more information about this incredible North Dakota state park, be sure to visit the official website and get all the info you’ll need to plan your getaway. Need more amazing North Dakota in your life? You might want to check out some of our favorite hiking trails in North Dakota while you’re at it.

Address: Sully Creek State Park, 1465 36th St, Medora, ND 58645, USA