Long before Lewis and Clark ever stepped foot in our amazing state, there was another explorer who made his way through the still-wild land and was known as one of the first outsiders to ever be in the area. Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de La Vérendrye  – quite a mouthful – was originally commemorated for this act by having 101 acres of land preserved in his name, giving us the Verendrye National Park. This park, however, no longer exists. Why? Let’s find out about this lost national park in North Dakota:

Today, part of it remains as Crow Flies High Recreation Area near New Town. Verendrye National Park would have been North Dakota’s second national park. But with the lake and the unclear history, it will probably never get that title back.

North Dakota’s only remaining national park is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, featured in its own article at the link.

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