This Entire Neighborhood In North Carolina Was Mysteriously Abandoned And Nobody Knows Why

What would you do if you stumbled upon an entire abandoned neighborhood in North Carolina? Explore? Call the authorities? Turn around? For one, we’d begin to wonder what happened and why an entire community suddenly up and vanished. So is the case with one neighborhood in Cary. Today, it sits dilapidated and forgotten. But what happened? Let’s check it out:

Spooky! I don’t think I’d venture there by myself. Did you know about this neighborhood prior to reading?

For another destination that’s heavy on the creepy factor, how about this one small town that is home to crazy paranormal activity.

Address: Cary, NC, USA
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abandoned neighborhood in North Carolina

April 23, 2021

What are the creepiest places in North Carolina?

When you’re looking for a hair-raising experience, the Tar Heel State offers thrill seekers an abundance of creepy places to check out. During the daytime, The Great Dismal Swamp in South Mills is a lovely spot full of peaceful, natural beauty. However, staying past sunset the swamp really lives up to its name. Visitors to these 112,000 acres of remote wetlands have reported seeing ghostly figures, hearing unusual sounds and strange lights glowing from inexplicable sources. Another infamous legend in North Carolina centers around Payne Road in Rural Hall. Local folklore tells of a hauntingly gruesome murder-suicide that took place here, making it a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Are there any ghost towns in North Carolina?

The underwater town of Judson is one of North Carolina’s best kept spooky secrets. Abandoned remnants of this city are only visible when the surrounding waters of Fontana Lake are extremely low. Once home to roughly 600 residents, this small Smokey Mountain town had been a fully outfitted settlement with shops, schools and even a sawmill. However, Swain County began selling off private plots of Judson land to the national government for the construction of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Fontana Lake in the 1930s, displacing the town’s residents and submerging the tiny town forever.

Where is the creepiest town in North Carolina?

If you’re a fan of creepy legends, the famous stories surrounding the settlement of Roanoke Colony will stir your imagination and make your skin crawl. For centuries, historians and archaeologists have been baffled by the total disappearance of the residents who once inhabited the “Lost Colony”. In 1587, John White was tasked to establish an English settlement on the island of Roanoke. He soon returned to England on a supply expedition intending to return to the colony in 1588. Unfortunately, the Anglo-Spanish war halted White’s plans and delayed his travel back to Roanoke until 1590. Upon his return, White discovered the settlement had vanished, leaving no trace to explain the resident’s departure. The only clue White found was the mysterious word “CROATOAN” carved into the palisade.

Address: Cary, NC, USA