There’s A Hike In North Carolina That Leads You Straight To An Abandoned Village

North Carolina’s many hiking trails lead to a wide variety of treasures hiding in the wilderness. From majestic waterfalls to ghost towns there are many hidden gems to explore along the trails in the Tar Heel State. One such spot contains the ruins of a small town that was abandoned in 1957. The abandoned village of Lost Cove is believed to have first been settled around the time of the Civil War.

Would you ever want to explore this abandoned village in North Carolina? Be sure you don’t simply Google this location and get it confused with this Wikipedia entry that talks of yet another Lost Cove in North Carolina that’s near Fontana Lake and Lakeshore Trail. For the best indication of how to arrive at this Lost Cove ghost town, which is located in Yancey County, watch the video above for more details.

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