The Awesome Reasonover Creek Trail In North Carolina Will Take You Straight To An Old Airport

The DuPont Forest in North Carolina is know for many things. It was the spot where many scenes in the 2012 box office hit “The Hunger Games” was filmed. It’s where many popular waterfalls can be found, such as Bridal Veil Falls, Hooker Falls, and Triple Falls, to name only a few. And it’s where adventurers can explore nearly 85 miles of trails carved into the flora of the old forest. Another thing adventurers can find in DuPont Forest? An old airport in North Carolina with a landing strip that’s close to half a mile long!

For more on the Reasonover Creek Trail and more photos of this old airport in North Carolina, visit All Trails on the web. Of note: this trail is also a favorite among bikers so be ready to share the trail if you’re hiking!

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Address: Cedar Mountain, NC 28718, USA
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January 01, 1970



Address: Cedar Mountain, NC 28718, USA