Driving Down This Haunted North Carolina Road May Give You Nightmares

If you grew up near the Rural Hall area, from childhood you’ve heard the legend of Payne Road in North Carolina. Once you turn 16, or have older friends to drive, you even decide to test the infamous legend and take a night drive to see just how scary the area is. I’ve done the drive, and I will tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. The road is long, dark, and in the middle of the country. Decayed buildings, winding curves, and a certain presence in the air will stay with you long after you’ve put the car in park, safely at home. Some even have their own ghostly encounters on the road, while others swear to never drive down it again.

If you need more reason to believe Payne Road is the scariest place ever, listen to this live EVP recording below.

Alright, I officially have goosebumps, and might be sleeping with the lights on! Have you driven down Payne Road before, or plan to now? Did you know the legend of Payne Road in North Carolina? Creepy.

Why stop at one haunted road, when there are six other, equally creepy and terrifying roads to drive down in North Carolina How many of these haunted roads in North Carolina have you traversed?

Address: Payne Road, Payne Rd, North Carolina, USA
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legend of Payne Road in North Carolina

September 04, 2022

What are some other haunted roads in North Carolina?

If learning the legend of Payne Road in North Carolina somehow sparked your curiosity to learn about other haunted roads in the Tar Heel State, read on. One of the most notorious haunted roads in NC is Heartbeat Bridge, where, legend says, several years ago, an innocent young girl was murdered here. In a gruesome turn of events, her heart was said to have been cut from her body and thrown off the bridge by her killer. Today, the heartbeat persists. Even those not easily spooked find much discomfort here. As you approach the bridge, you’ll begin to hear the sound of a beating heart in your ears. You might think it is just your own until the sound becomes excruciatingly loud. Several sources claim they were forced to leave the bridge due to the torment of sound.

Another haunted road in North Carolina that’s only for the bravest of souls is Chicken Alley in Asheville. While seemingly innocuous by day, come nightfall, you might see a strange, dark apparition lurking there. The ghost is said to be Dr. Jamie Smith, a physician in Asheville, who was stabbed in the heart after accidentally walking into a bar brawl at Broadway’s Tavern. Spotted for over 100 years, the doctor stays true to his style. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat, with a long, black coat. You can even hear the tip of his cane tapping against the street.

Of course, if you want to experience a haunted road in North Carolina that’s just plain bizarre, check out Richfield Road, AKA Gravity Hill. While some non-believers say Gravity Hill is simply an illusion, others adamantly defend the legend and the tragic story of Gravity Hill. It’s said that one night on Richfield Road, a young mother and her child were driving and her car stalled. As she got out and attempted to push the car up the hill, a truck came along, hit, and instantly killed both mother and child. Today, put your car in neutral at the bottom, and you will be pushed up the hill. Also, if you put baby powder on your hood, you will see handprints when you get to the top. When it comes to North Carolina’s haunted roads, Gravity Hill is at the top of the list.

Address: Payne Road, Payne Rd, North Carolina, USA