Stay Away From North Carolina’s Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

North Carolina has plenty of history and haunts, with one of our most haunted cities being Asheville. From an architect buried in the walls of his own creation, to the Pink Lady of the Grove Park Inn, even to all the mysterious hauntings at the Bitlmore Estate – things get both spooky and historic in this mountain city. Yet, there’s one place that if you stroll after dark, things might get extra frightening.

While those who now call Chicken Alley home have obviously had to make peace with Dr. Smith’s ghost (and frequent habit of tapping his cane) it’s also an eerie place where a few brave visitors will walk alone down on a dark night. Have you been here before or witnessed Dr. Smith’s ghost yourself?

If you’re looking to take your ghost investigation to a statewide level, we’ve compiled the 10 most terrifying, haunted places in the state.