Take One Last Look Inside The Haunted, Abandoned Old Davis Hospital In Statesville

The Old Davis Hospital in Statesville has long been linked to ghost stories, legends, and Halloween hijinks. While once a booming medical center, the hospital fell into decay and dilapidated form after closing and moving to a new location in the 1980s. Statesville residents now say goodbye to the Old Davis Hospital as the building is being torn down.

While some residents might call it an “eyesore” there’s no denying that this building (too interesting to be an eyesore in my opinion) has plenty of history. To this day, some of that history still haunts the grounds.

In 1920, Dr. James Davis, a prominent surgeon, partnered with Dr. F.A Carpenter, a local eye, ear, nose and throat specialist and opened up Carpenter-Davis Hospital. At the time it was common for doctors to make house calls as well as having a small office. The 35-bed hospital went against the grain and was pioneering for its time, establishing relationships with nurses, assistants, and associate doctors.

In 1920 the hospital established a school of nursing, and in 1925, it moved to its new location on West End Avenue.

Today, when people think of Old Davis Hospital, sadly, the above image is what comes to mind. But beyond the graffiti, broken windows, and ghost stories is a lot of history.

The hospital was the first to:

  • Use a radiographoscope to view x-ray films.
  • Have 24/7 emergency center with doctors and nurses.
  • Have air conditioning.
  • Use glucose intravenously.
  • Have a blood bank and organize blood-donor services.

At the time of Dr. Davis’ death in 1955, he had performed over 75,000 surgeries, a true medical accomplishment for his time. He was buried in the south lawn of the hospital and later moved to Davis Memorial Baptist Church in Wilkes County after the property was sold.

With so many advancements and medical accomplishments, it’s no surprise the hospital eventually moved to a new, larger location in 1984.

But the original Old Davis Hospital still remained throughout the years, as well as the legacy of Dr. Davis, and a few souls….

Today, the abandoned hospital is in poor condition, full of asbestos, broken windows, graffiti, and vandalization. In 2014 alone the police were dispatched to the property 28 times due to trespassing.

But some trespass in order to ghost hunt along the property. There’s no denying an abandoned hospital is not slightly terrifying.

Ghost stories surround the property. One thing all those who have explored agree on, the sounds of a crying baby. Windows and doors will open and shut. Screams, crying, slams, bangs, are also reported to be heard.

While many lives were saved in the hospital, many were lost. Some spirits continue to linger here. One of the most popular sites for ghost hunters is the morgue, which is said to perpetually have an eerie chill despite the temperature outside. It’s where the most paranormal activity has been reported.

Ghost stories and all, even the decrepit can still be beautiful. And although Dr. Davis’ gravesite was moved, I’d like to believe his spirit is still present here, where his life accomplishments came to fruition.

Here’s one last look inside a piece of history.

Thank you Keith Hall for the amazing pictures. You can view his full album of Old Davis Hospital here.

What did you think of your last look inside? Have you been here before? Tell us in the comments!