Taking a drive into rural areas of the Tar Heel State can often mean passing by old abandoned homesteads that leave the mind to wander about the lives and energy that once graced the now tattered and worn properties. There’s something so haunting about a home that’s abandoned, not just sold or given to a new life but outright left to deteriorate. Under what circumstances would a person do that? Or, even more: How did the homes come to be empty in the first place? These abandoned places in North Carolina offer a fascinating perspective into the way the world used to be.

It’s important to note the undisclosed location of this old homestead is vital for keeping it – and curious explorers – safe. If you recognize this old farmhouse, please don’t post its location in the comments.

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Abandoned Places In North Carolina

What are some abandoned places in North Carolina?

Check out these equally eerie and abandoned sites in North Carolina.

  • North Wilkesboro Speedway
  • Family Inn of America, Rowland
  • Davis Hospital, Statesville
  • Stonewall Jackson Reform School, Concord
  • Henry River Mill
  • Abandoned Coast Guard Station, Pea Island


Are there haunted places in North Carolina?

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  • The Demon Dog, Valle Crucis
  • Paint Rock, Hot Springs
  • The Duke Mansion, Charlotte

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