These Abandoned Places In North Carolina Are As Beautiful As They Are Creepy

There’s something so magical about an abandoned building or house. You see the decay, the destruction, but you can still feel the energy left behind. Open drawers in a rusting kitchen make you wonder, who opened these? An old window with a large crack at the top makes you think, I wonder who looked out of this window, and I wonder whose stray ball hit it? Old buildings are so magical because they’re beautiful in their decay. They’re rich with history, and mystery.

I’ve been wanting to write an article on abandoned buildings in North Carolina for quite sometime, but struggled with finding images to use. Luckily, I found the page Abandoned, Old, & Interesting Places- North Carolina and quickly made contact with the page to ask about featuring some of their images.

It’s no surprise they have almost 45,000 followers on facebook, as it is easy to see just how enchanting and mysterious old buildings really are. Most of these buildings are decaying beautifully. Here are twenty photos that prove just that.

If old buildings and houses could talk, I’d love to hear their stores. The tales of the people who inhabited this space, the energy and atmosphere they brought to it, their legacy. Nothing just “comes to be” and nothing is just left in abandon for no reason. But luckily, Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places kind of gives us just that. A voice for these buildings and the opportunity to build our own stories in the process.

I’ll be doing a write up on more neat abandoned places in the future, but for now go give them a “like” to get your daily dose of beautiful abandonment and be sure and let me know where your favorite abandoned buildings are in North Carolina!