These Amazing Abandoned Homes In North Carolina Will Make You Want To Go Exploring

In 2014, on the one year anniversary of her sister’s sudden and tragic death, Michelle Bowers decided to honor her sister by doing something they once loved to do as children – explore old, abandoned homes and buildings. On that same day, Michelle also made a Facebook page by the name of Abandoned Homes of North Carolina to showcase the beautifully decayed ruins she would discover across the state.

What started as a coping mechanism quickly became a hobby. But little did she know, or ever expect, that this hobby would gain her over 100k followers and national attention.

I’ve been following her page for quite some time and decided to reach out and ask a few questions about the homes she’s explored and the future of the page. Besides beautiful photography, she also has some really neat history and insight on each property.

Michelle frequently posts pictures of her explorations and you can even find a video interview with her here.

To see more of her findings and learn more history be sure to like her page Abandoned Homes Of North Carolina!

What do you think of this type of exploration? Do you have any questions for Michelle? Tell us in the comments!