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Remember how much fun it was to tell – or even to listen to – ghost stories as we sat around a roaring campfire or curled up in our sleeping bags at a sleepover, and getting so scared we couldn’t sleep? Imaginary ghost stories are definitely fun, but it’s the real ghost stories that really give us chills. Here are the spooky tales of the Hotel Bothwell, one of the most haunted hotels in Missouri, that might just make their way into your nightmares.

Have you stayed at the Hotel Bothwell in Missouri? Did you experience the paranormal? Share your experience in the comments! Then check out this road trip to the most haunted places in Northern Missouri.

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Haunted Hotels In Missouri

Are there any other haunted hotels in Missouri?

If you’ve already stayed at the haunted Hotel Bothwell, you might want to check out some of the other notoriously haunted hotels in Missouri (there are a few). The Walnut Street Inn in Springfield, for example, is well-known for its tales of the paranormal. Originally the home of lifelong loves Charles and Katherine McCann, it only changed hands after both passed away. In the late 1980s, it opened as the Walnut Street Inn, signaling a new era, one that’s rife with tales of the paranormal. While the entire inn is said to be haunted, the Rosen Room, which may have been Mrs. McCann’s room, is undoubtedly the most haunted. If you’re brave enough to stay in the Rosen Room, be prepared. Many have claimed to see a woman, dressed in Victorian attire, in the room. She’s not too happy, either, as she lets guests know they are in HER room. Don’t be too surprised if, in the middle of the night, she pulls the covers off of you as you sleep. She’s also been known to sit on the edge of the bed as guests sleep. If you move, though, she’ll disappear.

The Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs is another notoriously haunted Missouri hotel. The hotel had quite a tragic past, burning to the ground twice before it was rebuilt for the final time. During prohibition the hotel served as a speakeasy, drawing the area’s most dangerous gangsters. Their spirits are said to hang around to this day. If you spend time near the pool, you might just experience something otherworldly or catch a glimpse of these former guests. Another common sighting is that of a frantic woman, desperately searching for her child. During her search, she often throws things across the room and has even tugged at guests’ hair.

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