It should come as no surprise that one of the state’s most historic hotels is actually one of the most haunted places in Missouri. The Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs boasts luxury lodging and spa services, but that’s not the only thing this hotel has to offer. The hotel has played host to many famous people over the years, but it also has been known to cater to the more supernatural guests.

Some of those who dared to take the trip captured what they saw on video.

Do you think these spirits at The Elms Hotel are real? Or do you believe they’re just a bunch of silly stories to tell over the fire? Join the conversation in the comments! Then check out some more of the most haunted places in Missouri.

Will you capture any photos of spirits? Don’t forget your camera to find out.

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Haunted Hotels In Missouri

Are there any other haunted hotels in Missouri?

The Elms Hotel isn’t the only notoriously haunted hotel in Missouri. There are several others, too, that are well worth a visit. Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, you’ll still find yourself absolutely enchanted when you check into the Walnut Street Inn in Springfield.

  • Originally the home to Charles and Katherine McCann, the home changed hands several times after their deaths, eventually becoming the Walnut Street Inn in the 1980s.
  • Many say the whole property is haunted but will likely agree that the most haunted spot in the inn is the Rosen Room. Speculated to be Mrs. McCann’s room, her spirit is said to remain to this day. Guests tell of waking up to a woman sitting on the edge of the bed and blankets being pulled off of them in the middle of the night. Even spookier some say the woman has told them they were in her room. If you’re brave enough to check into the Rosen Room, you might just meet her.

For another leisurely getaway, plan a stay at the Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia. The hotel has been pampering guests with its luxurious accommodations for nearly a century. Some of those guests, in fact, have decided not to leave.

  • To increase your chances of experiencing the paranormal, request a room on the third floor. (All floors are said to be haunted, but the third floor is notoriously busy.)
  • Listen closely during your visit. Do you hear the excited voices of young children? Look around. Chances are there aren’t any around. Those are just some of your otherworldly companions at the Hotel Bothwell.
  • A little girl in a white dress is often seen skipping around the third floor.
  • Don’t bother calling the front desk about that woman talking really loudly outside of your door either. Look outside. You’re all alone. She’s just another spirit who likes to hang around the third floor.

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