Of All The Best Scenic Drives In Maine, A Journey Down Route 182 Is One With A Spooky Twist

Maine’s scenic drives could keep us busy all year long. Some of the best scenic drives can be found in Maine, from wintry jaunts through the mountains to coastal cruises with the windows down and that summer breeze in our hair, there’s nothing better than a road trip through Vacationland. Unless, of course, you choose to take this eerie road located up north. Have you done it? Would you dare to do it?

Want to try it? Follow this route to go through the heart of the Black’s Woods on route 182

Okay, okay. We get it. If you’re looking for a nice drive-through, we have the best scenic drives in Maine. These 10 beautiful byways in Maine are perfect for a scenic drive.

Address: Blacks Woods Rd, Cherryfield, ME 04622, USA
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January 01, 1970

What are other classic ghost stories in Maine?

Maine holds a whole host of creepy stories. Something about Maine is just creepy sometimes, maybe it is the remote locations, the consistent fog, or just these scary stories passed on from the different ages. The witch’s leg in Bucksport is a creepy tale of a witch’s curse on the town. Or check out These 12 Terrifying Places In Maine that will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight.

What are the best scenic drives in Maine?

Not into hauntings or stories that will keep you up at night? Well, then we have you covered. Sometimes it’s better to just take a beautiful drive without any extra passengers. Here are some amazing roads to travel on. The Rangley Lake area is absolutely beautiful with plenty of views of this iconic and wonderful lake. The area on the west side of the state near Bethel is also a wonderful place to go, and we would suggest you go around fall so you can take full advantage of the fall foliage. Mount Katahdin area is remote but also incredible. The Carrabassett Valley area is beautiful with several huge mountains to enjoy. The whole Mount Desert Island area and many of the coastlines are all great to travel to. For more specific directions on each one of these areas and more check out These 10 Beautiful Byways In Maine Are Perfect For A Scenic Drive.

Want to go back to the scary stuff? 

If you have an itch to see the creepiest and the scariest stuff that Maine has to offer head on over to our Creepy section on the Only In Your State site. It will be sure to terrify.

Address: Blacks Woods Rd, Cherryfield, ME 04622, USA