It’s not easy to think about the sad parts of a state’s past, but it’s the hard parts that forge who we are today. Maine didn’t become the strong, special place it is without overcoming some challenges, and it’s important to pay homage to the people who witnessed and survived these trying times. Without glorifying them, here are some of the worst disasters our state has had to face; these are seven natural disasters in Maine nobody will ever forget:

Let’s end this on a happy note, shall we? Here are some wonderful reasons to love living in Maine.

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Natural Disasters in Maine

What are the worst Maine disasters in history? 

Maine is a lovely place to live or visit, but unfortunately, it’s not immune to the occasional disaster, be it natural or caused by humans. Over the centuries, there have been several disasters in Maine; one of the most notorious disasters in Maine history was the hurricanes of 1954. Hurricanes up this way are rare, but when they happen, they can be devastating. In this case, two rare Maine hurricanes – named Carol and Edna – struck the state one month after the other. 11 died, and damages exceeded 17 million dollars. Another notorious Maine disaster was the ice storm of January 1988, in which up to three inches of ice coated everything there was to cover. At least four people died, and damages were estimated at 320 million dollars.  

What kind of natural disasters is Maine prone to?  

Disasters of any kind in Maine are relatively uncommon, but they do occur. Some natural disasters Maine can be subject to include blizzards, ice storms, floods, and the (very) occasional hurricane. Sometimes landslides can also occur with heavy rain events, and some years, when it’s dry, wildfires can occur. Overall, though, the likelihood of experiencing a natural disaster in Maine is slim, even if you spend your whole life here.  

What are the most record-setting Maine snowstorms on record?  

There are some snowstorms in Maine that made history, and others were record setters. For example, in 2013, winter storm Nemo unleashed up to three feet of snow in some parts of the state. Gorham saw the most, with an impressive 35 and a half inches of snow! Another record-setting snowstorm in Maine was the blizzard of 1978, which dropped 15 to 24 inches of snow in the southern region of the state, and in 1993, Maine was subjected to the infamous “Storm of the Century”, causing 5.5 billion in damages across the country.  

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