These 14 Photos Captured The Biggest Ice Storm In Maine History Back In 1998

Despite beautiful summers it’s impossible to forget what winters in Maine can be like. They’re harsh, cold and oftentimes extremely unpredictable. We’re used to it. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Mainers to ignore weather reports. We know that it’s impossible to predict what will happen until it…happens. But, we also know that we’ll probably still be going to work and school. We’re hearty like that! But, every so often we see weather that stops the state in its tracks. A perfect example? Who remembers the ice storm in 1998?

This was certainly not the only storm to deal Maine a major blow. There was the massive 2015 blizzard that most of us still remember. And, of course, that 1969 nor’easter that hit much of the region. Relive them all through these articles and then hit the beach. It’s still summer!