The Fossils On Katahdin In Maine That Still Spark Debate With Geologists To This Day

If you are a Mainer and into hiking, chances are you have made your way to Katahdin. This mountain is the highest peak in Maine and a very challenging hike. Bringing hikers from all over the country to tackle this monster of a climb, Katahdin is not for the faint of heart. Ask anyone who has hiked it and they will tell you their own tale of conquest. Finding your way to the summit is no easy feat on this rugged mountain. There is, however, something very interesting found on the mountain that has sparked some curiosity and scientific debate. 

Next time you are hiking the highest point in Maine you can be on the lookout for these sea life fossils. When you find them contemplate these things all the way to the peak where you will have an incredible view from Maine’s most rugged mountain.

While you are exploring for questions that need answers and you are already in Baxter then you should check out these cool ice caves.

Address: Mount Katahdin, Mt Katahdin, Northeast Piscataquis, ME 04462, USA