The Needham Was Invented Here In Maine, And You Can Grab One From The Needham Company

Maine is filled with interesting foods that make our state great. Maine lobster is glorious and unlike anywhere else in the world. Our beans are questionable by some, but not to us; we love our beans just the way they are! Nowhere else can you get red snappers, and hotdogs anywhere else just are not the same. But, there is a story of one tiny little snack that is seemingly lost in the annals of history. The Needham was invented in Maine, and the tale of this delicious treat is just as sweet.

Although the story of the Needham is not exact history, all have agreed the Needham was invented in Maine. So make sure you bite into the treat that has been a Maine staple for many years. Each one you consume will carry on the tradition laid out for well over a century. To grab your own Needhams make sure to check out the Maine Needham Company

For another slice of Maine’s history, you should take a trip to this classic diner in Maine that people have been enjoying for many years. 

Address: Maine Needham Company, 53 Berry Rd, Saco, ME 04072, USA