These 10 Iconic Foods In Maine Will Have Your Mouth Watering

After our recent article featuring west-coasters eating Maine foods for the first time, we felt it only proper to give some attention to the foods included. The reactions of the participants may have been dramatic (our chowder isn’t THAT strange) but it really highlighted how unique Maine delicacies can be. So, in honor of our great state’s culinary traditions, here are 10 iconic foods in Maine that we know you’ll love. Or, at least tolerate. After all, we do have a few weird Maine foods…

Some of these weird Maine foods may seem odd to outsiders but they are perfect for us and we are proud of them. What do you consider to be the most iconic Maine food? Is there anything you absolutely will NOT try? Let us know on Facebook!

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Weird Maine Foods

July 14, 2022

What are some other weird Maine foods to try?

We have a few odd foods, we will admit it. Moxie by itself has practically split our state in half over the highly debated taste. Whether you like it or not Moxie is a classic Maine drink and we own it. For some other odd choices to try check out our first recommendation. A similar article but with a few different options. Snow with maple syrup?! Yeah, it’s a Maine thing. Another Maine classic is a fluffernutter sandwich. It may seem odd to others, but the perfect combination of peanut butter and fluff smooshed between two slices of bread is like a childhood dream. Becky’s Diner in Portland also offers a variation of this classic treat with their fluffernutter french toast. Of course, no BBQ is every complete until someone brings a pack of red hotdogs. These “red snappers” are not fish, although they share the same name, they are hot dogs and they are a Maine staple. 


What are some other foods that are not as weird but Maine made famous?

The United Kingdom might be responsible for Shepherds Pie but here in New England, we made it perfect. You can get it somewhere else but it’s never the same as your mother’s perfected recipe well spending some time as a family around the table. Humpy Dumpy Chips actually come from Canada but we high-jacked them and sell them everywhere. If you haven’t tried All Dressed chips then you are missing out. Check out these Maine food festivals. They have everything from whoopie pies to clam bakes, they have blueberry pie to red hotdogs. You will want to visit these amazing festivals. Then here are a few more classic menu items, you can even make some of these dishes at home.