Celebrate The Pine Tree State’s Coastal Heritage At The Historic Maine Maritime Museum

We have a long history with the Atlantic Ocean here in Maine. Settlers from across the pond made their way here long ago. In fact, Popham was technically the first settlement on the mainland predating Jamestown. The settlement, however, did not make it, and so the story was lost to history. The fact remains though, that we have a long history of our coastal towns and our fisherman trades. We have a lot to owe to those who came before us to make our state what it is today. So in pursuit of maintaining the history for all to enjoy, the Maine Maritime Museum was born. Step inside and learn about our relationship with the sea.

The Maine Maritime Museum is fun for the whole family. Filled with history, lessons, and hands-on experiences this is a museum you will not want to miss. Make sure to check the Maine Maritime Museum website for more information and until then, happy sailing. 

Why not just add this museum to your list well as you explore the best lobster rolls and lighthouses Maine has to offer?

Address: Maine Maritime Museum, 243 Washington St, Bath, ME 04530, USA