The Bridge To Nowhere In The Middle Of The Maine Water Will Capture Your Imagination

Throughout Maine, you’ll find interesting history and fun secrets that make this state special. As you explore each region, you’ll find yourself learning more and more about the people that were here long before any of us. But it’s not just history from hundreds of years ago that has us intrigued. Some of the most fascinating history isn’t even all that old! This historic bridge in Maine located in Casco Bay is within sight of a major highway has an interesting story worth learning.

You can see the bridge just off of I-295 heading north. You can’t access it, but it’s sure fun to look at! You can also see it from the trail connecting the Eastern Prom with the Back Cove.

There’s just something about the bridges in this state that we can’t get enough of. This day trip takes you to 6 of Maine’s covered bridges and it’s perfect for a scenic drive.

Address: Casco Bay, Maine, USA