Indiana has a pretty incredible history, and it has changed a lot over the past few centuries. While the Indiana of today has bustling cities, charming small towns, and a plethora of natural attractions to explore, there are also abandoned buildings, attractions, and towns that are being reclaimed by nature. In fact, many Hoosiers have forgotten about this now vacant ghost town in rural Indiana.

Have you ever visited this historic ghost town turned outdoor paradise in Indiana? For more incredible ghost towns to explore, check out this ultimate ghost town road trip through the Hoosier state.

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Rural Indiana Ghost Town

Are there any ghost towns in Indiana? 

There sure are! Plenty of towns in Indiana have risen and fallen; some of them are still able to be visited today! Some of the most famous – or maybe infamous, depending on your feelings about ghost towns – ghost towns in Indiana include the old towns of Brisco (also known as “Briscoe”), Corwin (both of them), Sloan, Chatterton, and Dunn. There are plenty more, but you get the idea. Many of Indiana’s ghost towns are nothing more than memories now, as their last remaining structures decayed long ago. Some, however, do still seem to haunt their areas; in some places, you’ll still stumble across a sign indicating that there was once a town there, or maybe a couple of dilapidated buildings that show life was once a vibrant thing in said area. Interestingly, there are still some “living” ghost towns around the Hoosier State as well; the entire city of Gary is often considered to be a “ghost” town, though folks do still live there. More than a third of the entire city is abandoned and in a state of decay, making it a popular destination for roamers and urban explorers. For more about these interesting places that were, take a look at this article.  

Where was Hindostan Falls, Indiana?  

Hindostan Falls is (was) a town in southwest-central Indiana that was booming once upon a time. It sits in Martin County. It was originally founded in 1816, and for many years it enjoyed a vibrant and moving economy. Come 1820, Hindostan Falls was one of the move bustling places in Indiana, with plenty of folks calling it home both on land and on houseboats on the White River. The river brought plenty of trade... and unfortunately, plenty of disasters as well. Due to the constant in-and-out nature of the boats and people traveling through the town, it became no stranger to illnesses and disease; eventually, it was disease that wiped the town out, thought to be either cholera or yellow fever. Nowadays, the area is a recreation area that’s been reclaimed by Hoosiers as alive once more... but now, you’ll always know the spooky past behind it.  

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