This Haunting Road Trip Through Indiana Ghost Towns Is One You Won’t Forget

Indiana has a rich history of ghost towns with plenty to see and explore. Whether you’re really into history, love abandoned buildings, or simply relish new photography opportunities, visiting ghost towns can be a pretty fun experience. We recapped some of the best ghost towns earlier this year, but this post gets a bit more active! If you think you’re up for it, try taking our haunted road trip through some of the best Indiana ghost towns. This trip will take you all around the state, offering great views and sites as you travel.

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Ready to get this haunted road trip started? Click here for full directions, and get ready to explore some awesome abandoned ghost towns.

After that, we’ll head back to Hindostan Falls, unless there’s a detour or two you’re hoping to take! If our haunting road trip through ghost towns isn’t enough to satisfy you, check out these stunning images of this amazing building’s decay in Gary, Indiana.