Most people might not be aware that there are quite a few abandoned towns across Indiana, better known as ghost towns. While many of these abandoned places in Indiana are pretty harmless, most have history there that can be quite fascinating to learn. However, there is one Indiana ghost town people tend to shy away from specifically. Why? This ghost town is rumored to be haunted, and not by the friendly type of ghosts. Recognized as the creepiest abandoned town in Indiana, take a look at the spooky town of Barbersville.

What do you think of this eerie ghost town that’s quite possibly the creepiest abandoned town in Indiana? Can you think of any others that are worthy of exploration? Make sure to share with us your favorite Indiana ghost towns in the comments section!

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The Creepiest Abandoned Town In Indiana

What other abandoned places are there in Indiana?

While some may think of Indiana as a charmingly Midwestern state, it does have a number of notable abandon places. While many settlements predate the state’s admission to the United States in 1816, many abandoned places in Indiana are surprisingly modern, as in the case of this abandoned highway bridge. Our own abandoned pioneer mill offers a surprising contrast to this modernity. Throughout your adventures you’ll notice that there are enough abandoned places in Indiana to create an entire road trip! Such an adventure would surely take you to some of the most unusual attractions in Indiana.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Indiana?

You will find a number of amazing and abandoned places in Indiana, and many are accessible via hike. You can find an abandoned village hike in the heart of one state park, and you can find an abandoned train tunnel along a trail in another state park. Some hikes, believe it or not, will take you to abandoned place that rank among the scariest places in Indiana.

What ghost towns can you find in Indiana?

Most do not visit The Hoosier State in search of abandoned places, let alone ghost towns in Indiana. If you count yourself among those with a passion for dark tourism, you’ll have an unforgettable time visiting spooky abandoned places like Elizabethtown. Of our nearly 7 million residents, many lie forgotten in ghost town cemeteries throughout the state. During visits to ghost towns in Indiana, you will feel the lingering traces of the people that once called the community home. You’ll find this in crumbling foundations that once housed a small family with big dreams and in the abandoned streets of deserted towns.