We wanted to build you an Ultimate Indiana Waterfalls Road Trip that covered all of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state…but there are just too many to choose!

We couldn’t bear to leave out any of our favorites (or send you on a single 22-hour drive), so we decided to split the list and give you TWO epic Waterfall Road Trips to take to make sure you see the best of both the Northern AND Southern regions of the Hoosier State!

PART 1 of our Ultimate Waterfalls Adventure featured six of our favorite ‘falls in the Northern half of the state, but here is PART 2… with seven awesome Southern Indiana waterfalls!

To make it easy-as-pie (Sugar Cream Pie, that is), we built you a Road Map through Google Maps! Let’s get this waterfall road trip in Southern Indiana started!

There are SO many waterfalls throughout Southern Indiana, it was hard to choose which ones to include on this list!

We left out a few favorites because we think they deserve their OWN special trip and not just a stop on this awesome waterfall loop, which is certainly one of the best road trips in Indiana!

Here are a couple of bonus photos of Turkey Run State Park, just because we think it’s pretty…and because you totally need to visit it (when you have plenty of time to explore)!

Did you pack the snacks for this Southern Indiana waterfalls road trip? We’re ready to hit the road on one of the most scenic drives in Indiana!

If you really want to go all out, combine this loop with our Ultimate Waterfall Road Trip Part 1: Northern Indiana for an extended trip to see the best waterfalls in Indiana.

Where should we go next? Tell us in the comments section!

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Waterfall Road Trip In Southern Indiana

Does Indiana have any natural wonders?

Indiana is filled with natural wonders, from beautiful lakes to underground caverns, and of course amazing national and state parks. Here are a few natural wonders in Indiana:

  • Yellowwood State Forest
  • The Indiana Dunes
  • Hoosier National Forest Caves
  • Marengo Cave
  • Cataract Falls
  • Brown County State Park


Head to Lake Michigan and you will find the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore with its expanse of sand dunes, a truly stunning place. Another astonishing sight is the Seven Pillars of Peru, also known as The Cliffs. Over time, the river and wind have carved pillars into the 25-foot limestone rock. It looks otherworldly!

What is the largest waterfall in Indiana?

In terms of height, the largest waterfall in Hoosier State is Williamsport Falls at 90 feet. This is found in the northern part of the state and is included in Part 1 of our Indiana Waterfalls Road Trip. In terms of volume, Cataract Falls at Lieber State Park in Southern Indiana is the largest waterfall. It is made of two different falls that are separated by a half-mile or so.

Are there any underground waterfalls in Indiana?

Yes, there is a pretty spectacular underground waterfall located at Squire Boone Caverns in Maukport in Southern Indiana. You will have to take a cavern tour to see it but that is something you would want to do anyways as they are an impressive sight on their own! Once you walk about a third of a mile through the caverns, that’s when you will see the jaw-dropping underground waterfall.