You might be aware that Indiana is full of natural wonders; there are so many that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to best see them all. To help, we’ve created this awesome Indiana natural wonders road trip that will help you see the best of each area of the state. These nine great destinations are absolutely stunning and will make you look at the Hoosier state in a totally different light!

If you love exploring the beauty of Indiana, you have to take this IN natural wonders road trip as soon as you can! For more trip ideas, check out the marvels in Indiana that you’ll never find anywhere but right here.

Where are some of the most amazing places in Indiana to you? Let us know.

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Indiana Natural Wonders

  1. What are some fun, affordable trips in IN to take? 

Indiana is a wonderful state for an affordable getaway! Why bother with places you know will be incredibly crowded when you can do fun stuff right here in the Hoosier State? Some of our favorite ideas for affordable trips in Indiana include ideas like:  

  • Indiana’s state parks – very affordable, often even more affordable for folks who live in-state. Our parks are amazing and definitely worth a trip! 
  • The Indianapolis Museum of Art – a highly affordable and engaging experience for adults and kids alike that includes modern art and some wonderful historical pieces. 
  • Museums in general – Indiana is home to numerous affordable and accessible museums for folks to enjoy.  


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  1. What are some great places to visit for free in IN? 

Of course, with so much to do and see in Indiana, you might wonder where to even begin. Why not begin with free? There are lots of fun things to do for free in Indiana and some of our favorites are:  

  • Tour the University of Notre Dame – the architecture of the place alone is worthy of gawking and admiration. 
  • Walk Central Canal – this one is excellent for families and/or a low-cost date night!  
  • Visit the Indiana War Memorial – learn about notable veteran Hoosiers and their contributions to fights for our freedom. 
  • Visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart – even if you’re not religious, this church is intensely awe-inspiring.  


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  1. What are some of the most affordable attractions in Indiana?

Able to afford a little bit but not wanting to break the bank? No worries – there are hundreds, if not more, of affordable attractions in Indiana such as:  

  • Visit the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and learn about gorgeous exotic animals. 
  • Visit and admire the amazing Grotto of Our Lady Lourdes, an incredible geode grotto unique to Indiana.  
  • Check out natural landmarks like Marengo Cave and Lake Michigan.  


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