A Palace Was Built And Left To Decay In The Middle Of Indiana’s Most Infamous City

It’s no secret that Gary, Indiana, is a less-than-loved place. If you ask any Hoosier if there’s a city they avoid like the plague, chances are, they’re going to tell you it’s Gary. It’s also no secret, then, that Gary is home to more than 13,000 abandoned buildings, including a palatial church that, should you ever decide to check it out, will knock your socks right off. This incredible palace that is the most iconic abandoned church in Indiana (if not the Midwest or the entire US) is very much worth a gander.

Interested in a permit to explore this gorgeous Gothic masterpiece? Call (219) 944-1201 and inquire about one; they cost $50. Though we understand why many might object to paying for a permit to access a decaying building, please remember that funds for permits go to the city of Gary itself, and funding is very important for all cities to thrive. Help breathe more new life into this little place by purchasing permits before exploring – plus, it’s way cheaper than trespassing fines.

Address: City Methodist Church, 577 Washington St, Gary, IN 46402, USA

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