The Charming Pioneer Town In Indiana That Was Home To Abraham Lincoln Once Upon A Time

Many score and numerous decades ago, a great man was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, and eventually, he would move with his family to Spencer County, Indiana, to a little homestead on the banks of Pigeon Creek. From seven years of age until he was 21, this man would call Indiana home, and he would remain here until he moved to Illinois in 1830. Who was this man, you ask? Well, he was none other than President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States and a man known for unifying the nation following the brutality of the Civil War. Did you know he called small-town Indiana home for so many years? Now you do – let’s check out the portion of Spencer County where he grew up.

Have you ever visited Spencer County in Indiana? What’s your favorite small town in Indiana? Does it have any notable historical significance? Tell us your thoughts in the comments – and if you know of any other famous folks born or raised in Indiana, shout them out!

Address: Lincoln City, IN, USA