The Charming Small Town In Indiana That Was Named After A Beloved Holiday Icon

Tucked away in Spencer County, Indiana, is a cute little town that’s famous for one thing: its name. Okay, maybe not JUST its name, but its name definitely gives you some insight into what to expect. It’s the little town of Santa Claus, Indiana, and it’s a charming small town no matter what time of year you just so happen to visit. Sure, you can experience Christmas all the time in Santa Claus, but there’s more to it than that. Come visit this small town in Indiana named after the holiday icon ASAP – it’s always a good time!

The town is built up around three small lakes, each of which offers up even more fun! Who says Santa Claus is only worth visiting in the winter? We sure don’t – it’s a delight year-round, even if it’s a little kitschy sometimes.

What are some of your favorite unique things to do in Indiana?

Address: Santa Claus, IN, USA