It’s Impossible To Forget These 5 Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Indiana History

In Indiana, we’re pretty lucky to experience the best of all four seasons, but that also means we tend to experience some extreme winter weather from time to time. Let’s take a look back at five horrific winter storms that impacted the Hoosier State.

Be safe out there no matter what the season – but especially when winter comes around!

Which of these winter storms do you recall the clearest? For more history on storms in the Hoosier state, check out the worst natural disasters in history.

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Winter Storms In Indiana

September 28, 2021

What is winter in Indiana like?  

In a word: cold. In three words: cold and snowy! During the month of January, the average nighttime temperature only reaches about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and daytime temps are usually around 46 degrees or less. Annual snowfall depends on where in the state you decide to hang your hat; the southern portion of the state usually sees around 14” of snow annually, whereas the northern portion can sometimes see up to 76”! Unfortunately, Indiana is prone to blizzards and ice storms, especially when lake-effect snow decides to show up to the party (usually in north-central Indiana, nearest to Lake Michigan). Don’t let the chilly weather deter you, though – Indiana is a wonderful place to visit even in winter. Some of our wintertime hikes are the best in the Midwest. We are home to the wonderful town of Santa Claus, Indiana, where it’s Christmas all year long (but most especially during the holidays, of course). Read more about the adorable winter town of Santa Claus here.  

What were the worst snowstorms Indiana has ever seen?  

First and foremost, the most famous – or should we say infamous – snowstorm in Indiana occurred in 1978. During this incredible, historic storm, snow fell at a rate of about an inch per hour. Temperatures plummeted down to –55 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this storm was the worst in our state’s history, claiming the lives of 70 Hoosiers. Another nasty snowstorm came in 2011, leaving in its wake inches of ice on just about everything, leading to deadly car accidents and other chaos. In 2009, a winter storm brought with it about a half-inch to an inch of ice, plus 13 or more inches of snow in many places. Indiana is no stranger to catastrophic snowstorms, and Hoosiers should make sure to be prepared every year.