There’s An Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant In Indiana That Was Never Completed And It’s Eerily Fascinating

Nestled in Jefferson County, Indiana, is the small town of Hanover. It’s your typical Midwestern town with under 5,000 people – sometimes, it seems like there’s more to do around here than there are people who currently live here, like the tallest waterfall in Indiana, for example (it’s Fremont Falls, by the way). Like many small Midwestern towns, Hanover is filled to the brim with whispers and urban legends, many of which are attached to various abandoned homesteads and buildings dotted all over the Hoosier State. One of the lesser-known and least-understood abandoned places in Indiana is that of the entire Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant, a demonstration in hubris by the Public Service Company of Indiana (now called Duke Energy). It would be one of the world’s only nuclear plants to be abandoned halfway through its (incredibly expensive) construction; today, even most locals don’t know or remember anything about it.

Interestingly, though, we do still have some nuclear things going on, like this tiny nuclear reactor at a college in Indiana. What do you think? Do you know of any abandoned places in Indiana with intriguing backstories? Tell us your favorites by filling out this form! We love hearing your stories!

Address: Hanover, IN 47243, USA