Every Hoosier knows just how beautiful Indiana can be in the warmer months. From golden cornfields to stunning skylines, our state can be pretty amazing to take in. Of course, some of the prettiest places to visit when the weather is warm are any number of the best lakes in Indiana. If you’re looking for a relaxing day away, a lake to take a swim in, or a great fishing spot, you must check out at least one of these gorgeous Indiana lakes.

How many of these 11 best lakes in Indiana have you been to visit? Do you have a summer hot spot near a lake that was left off this list? Let us know!

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Lakes In Indiana

What are the best lakes in Indiana?

You can’t go wrong with any lakes you choose in Indiana because there are so many that offers visitors a different experience. Whether you would like to spend the day drifting on the lake, fishing, swimming, or just relaxing, Indiana has a lake that will delight you. Lake Michigan and Lake James are known to have some of the most pristine waters around, which makes them great for swimming as well as other water activities. If you’re looking to fish or just spend the day relaxing, then Lake Shafer is the place for you. Here are a few more of the best lakes in Indiana.

What are the boating lakes in Indiana?

While you can boat on most of the lakes in Indiana, there are some lakes that are better than the rest. One such lake is Lake Tippecanoe, where boating, fishing, and water skiing are popular. With three marinas on the lake, you’ll be able to find an easy access point to launch. Another lake that is great for boating is the Patoka Lake. This lake is an ecological habitat as it is home to freshwater jellyfish. It is a popular location for boating, swimming, and fishing. But if you’re up for some adventure, check out this incredible boat tour.

What are the names of some Southern Indiana lakes?

Indiana has many lakes scattered throughout the state. But some of the best lakes in Indiana can be found in the Southern part of the state. They are popular areas for swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, as well as other water recreational activities. Some of the best lakes in the Southern part of Indiana include Deam Lake, Lake Monroe, Lake Lemon, and Brookville Lake. Here is a list of a few more southern Indiana lakes.


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