A Nature Lovers Definitive Guide To Indiana’s Natural Beauty – Parks, Beaches, Hikes And More!

Indiana is a state so amazingly rich in natural beauty that it’s almost impossible to narrow one’s favorite spots down to just a few. Whether your idea of paradise is a beautiful local park, a beach worth lounging on for hours, a crystal-clear lake, or a secret swimming hole, Indiana has you covered. If a day on an awe-inspiring trail is more your style, don’t worry – Indiana has more than 4,200 miles of hiking, walking, biking, and other trails from which to choose. We may not have a whole lot of mountains, but that’s alright – we make up for that in pristine river views. If you’re hoping to explore some state parks, the Hoosier State has 25 of them, as well as three national parks. We even have some unique cave systems and tours, as well, so even spelunkers will find something here to love! Here are some of our picks for the very best natural wonders in Indiana, hands down.