A Nature Lovers Definitive Guide To Wisconsin’s Natural Beauty – Waterfalls, Beaches, Hikes And More!

Wisconsin is well-known as America’s Dairyland, but the state holds so much more than just green pasture and hefty Holsteins. Get off the beaten cowpath and you’ll find more lakes, rivers, islands, beaches, and trails than you ever imagined. In spring, you’ll see endless natural gardens of wildflowers bloom as well as massive migrations of birds coming up north from their winter retreats in the south. In autumn, Wisconsin’s state parks explode with heartwarming fall foliage, drawing visitors from all over the country. For you geology buffs, Wisconsin’s natural history is rich with limestone caves, granite gorges, and various rock formations that play happy host to waterfalls, swimming holes, and other natural wonders. Let’s dig into all the natural beauty Wisconsin has to offer!