A Nature Lovers Definitive Guide To New Jersey’s Natural Beauty – Parks, Beaches, Hikes And More!

New Jersey is known as the Garden State – which often surprises visitors who have only ever seen the Hollywood depictions of New Jersey. Sure the Sopranos certainly told one tale of Jersey living, but anyone who has driven beyond the highways, turnpike, and parkway will tell you that our state is a treasure trove of natural wonder. You’ll find towering waterfalls, rocky ridgelines of the Appalachian Mountains, lakes that were once cranberry bogs, a larger-than-life forest in the Pinelands, and so much more! Whether you want to go for a scenic hike in New Jersey or just relax on the sand by the water – if you love outdoor recreation, the natural wonders of the Garden State certainly belong on your bucket list.

As you can see, the Garden State is full of stunning places for nature lovers to enjoy. If you want to weigh in on the best places to get out and enjoy the outdoors in New Jersey, nominate your favorite spots!