When it comes to states in the U.S. that are woefully underrated, there are a couple that fly under the radar even still, overlooked by secondary (and sometimes tertiary) destinations and places instead. One such state is Indiana. While commonly dismissed as a “flyover” state, it turns out this little slice of paradise is quite amazing – especially for those who love the outdoors. There is a plethora of natural attractions in Indiana worth traveling across the state – maybe even across the country – for. There are so many that it’s kind of tough to know where to start, so we’ve put together a handy-dandy list of all the best natural wonders in Indiana. We promise: the Midwest never looked so beautiful. Behold, the list of the greatest must-see natural wonders in Indiana! Travelers beware: you might just want to move here.

Best Gorges & Canyons In Indiana

Did you know that Indiana is absolutely NOT totally flat, overrun with corn fields, boring, or anything else a naysayer might mutter? Nope. It’s actually quite amazing, thank you, and although it might not be on, say, Arizona’s level when it comes to canyons and geographic features, it’s still got a few wonders worth ogling at. Check out some of the most amazing canyons and gorges in Indiana – if you’re brave enough! These natural wonders in Indiana are only for the brave few that don’t do that whole “claustrophobia” thing. Besides, there’s enough space… right?

Best Caves In Indiana

Did you know there are more than 200 known “wild caves” in the Indiana wilderness? There sure are – and some of them are so spectacular that folks come from all over the country to check them out. Come visit some of the best caves in Indiana and see for yourself why the Hoosier State is so beloved among spelunkers. Please note: Cave exploring – or spelunking – is dangerous. Do not explore caves that are not marked for it, and never enter unknown caves, especially by yourself. That being said, here are a few amazing Indiana caves that offer tours galore. No list of natural wonders in Indiana would ever be complete without ’em!

Best Waterfalls In Indiana

Did you know that Indiana is home to not three, not four, not even five waterfalls… but many more? It’s true! In fact, the waterfalls in Indiana are an amazing testament to the diverse nature of the wonders in this state. The Midwest is full of surprises… and its waterfalls definitely send that point home. Whether you like ‘em tall, short, long, or stringy, you’ll find a fall you love right here in the Hoosier State. Check out some of our favorites, which probably more than qualify for the top spots in any list of the best natural wonders in Indiana.

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Best Overlooks & Scenic Vistas In Indiana

If you ask anyone what they think Indiana looks like, most of them will probably say something or another about it being flat and/or full of corn. Now, it might be both of those things in SOME places, but in others, it’s quite diverse in terms of landscapes and views. Seeking out some of the best views in Indiana? Look no further than our three favorites, all of which are just as worthy of their spots here on the natural wonders of Indiana list as, say, waterfalls and caves.

Best Rock Formations in Indiana

Who says there’s no such thing as interesting geology in Indiana? If anyone ever says that to you, stop talking to them; you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. It just so happens that there are LOTS of awesome geological wonders in Indiana, and many of them are totally worth a day trip (or more). Come explore some of the downright coolest rock formations in Indiana that’ll make you feel like you’re on another planet!

Unique Natural Wonders in Indiana

Who knew Indiana was so much more than corn fields and boring, flat “flyover” country? Well, now you do – and you can spread the word! That being said, there are a few miscellaneous natural wonders in Indiana that you’ll probably love checking out, too, so we’ve collected a few more here to send you off with. How many of these wonders have you already experienced? Which ones are still on the ol’ bucket list? Let us know!

So, there you have it – solid proof in 18 ways illustrating the jaw-dropping nature of the Hoosier State in all its wonderful glory. Of course, even this list isn’t exhaustive; there are dozens – if not hundreds – more awesome nature spots and natural wonders in Indiana. This article just provides a few good places to start your adventures! How many of these natural wonders in Indiana have you already visited? Which natural wonders in Indiana would you add to this list? Let us know. Not feeling up to leaving the house this time? No worries – our ultimate staycation checklist is waiting for you all warm and cozy.

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