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Idaho is full of quirky haunts but one of the creepiest has got to be this hot spring hotel which used to be an old sanatorium. Located in the small town of Lava Hot Springs, this inn has quite the history and its reputation has attracted a lot of attention to an otherwise quiet town. In fact, the hotel was even featured on a popular ghost-hunting television show. There’s no doubt that there’s something strange going on at this haunted hotel. Do you think you would spend the night at this haunted hotel in Lava Hot Springs? Check it out.

Have you ever spent the night at this haunted hotel in Lava Hot Springs? Did you run into any ghosts? Let us know in the comments section! If you love exploring Idaho’s haunts then be sure to check out our Ultimate Haunted Southern Idaho Road Trip.

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haunted hotel in Lava Hot Springs

What's the most haunted hotel in Idaho?

If staying at the haunted hotel in Lava Hot Springs fanned the flames of your ghost chasing wanderlust, there are some other haunted hotels in Idaho you should check out -- or into. One notoriously haunted hotel in Idaho is the Idaho Hotel in Silver City. Formerly the jewel of Idaho's mining camps during the gold rush days of the late 1800s, Silver City is a rare example of a former town that is still intact, and while it has yet to ever truly find itself in the "ghost town" category, it is nevertheless the site of plenty of spooky legends, particularly at the old and notoriously haunted Idaho Hotel on Jordan Street.

The sagging 1866 wooden structure is a truly unique one that fits perfectly with the landscape. A sense of trespassing, as though one is disturbing a sacred site, hangs heavy in the musty indoor air. Indeed, this rustic hotel is rumored to be full of paranormal activity and has been the site of multiple ghost hunters-type investigations. An overnight stay, and one is left with the chilling thought that visitors might well be inviting the wrath of the gods were they to disturb any object. Would you dare spend the night at this haunted Idaho hotel?

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