The Unique Day Trip To Silver City In Idaho Is A Must-Do

There’s a place in Idaho that’s frozen in time. Silver City is the rarest of old mining towns – it was never developed and commercialized into a modern city and it escaped any disastrous fires. It’s a town that’s largely unchanged from the boom times of 1800s and it’s a day trip destination that must be experienced. Here’s why your next adventure needs to be to Silver City, Idaho:

Silver City still has a hotel that’s been outfitted with some amenities. There are a few other businesses but there are no service stations though, so don’t count on getting gas here. It’s also recommended that visitors bring sunscreen, a first aid kit, water and snacks, and a camera. Interested in exploring more Idaho mining history? Here are some photos that will take you back.

Address: Silver City, ID 83650, USA