Driving Along The Most Diverse Scenic Byway In Idaho Will Create An Unforgettable Day Trip

With 31 scenic byways in Idaho, there are plenty of opportunities to see the Gem State’s beauty. While each of these byways offers something just a little different, the Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway in Idaho is quite unique. In fact, this is the most diverse scenic byway in Idaho. You’ll explore large mountains and lava flows and everything in between. You’ll not only enjoy one of the most beautiful drives in Idaho, but this will be an unforgettable day trip in the Gem State.

Have you ever explored the Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway in Idaho? If so, what did you think of this drive? Let us know in the comments!

Address: Challis, ID 83226, USA
Address: Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, Idaho, USA
Address: Arco, ID 83213, USA
Address: Silver Creek Preserve, 165 Kilpatrick Bridge Rd, Bellevue, ID 83313, USA