10 Undeniable Things You Will Find In Every Hawaii Home

The Hawaiian Islands are as unique as the homes you’ll find throughout across the state. And here in paradise, there are certain things that you will only find in a Hawaiian home — or at least, have a different meaning on the islands. Here are 10 undeniable things you will (most likely) find in every Hawaii home.

Do you live in Hawaii? Do you have all of these ten things in your home? So, did I miss anything? What other things will you always be able to find in a Hawaiian home? Sound off in the comments below, then click here to read all about some of the most unique and historic homes in the Aloha State.

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August 10, 2020

Where is the best place to live in Hawaii? 

That depends. Some cities in the Aloha State are better suited for raising a family while others cater to retirees. Taking into account a wide variety of criteria, we have determined the 11 best places to live in Hawaii, which includes the best towns for everyone from families and retirees to surfers, adventurers, and millennials.

Where is the worst place to live in Hawaii? 

Well, that's a subjective question. Just like choosing your ideal place to live, it will depend on your lifestyle. If you abhor the city, I'd stay away from the capital city of Honolulu. If you want access to great amenities, you likely wouldn't enjoy living in a remote town on the island of Maui. The only advice we can definitively give, though, is that no matter where you choose to live in Hawaii, you'll sure to fall in love.

What does it cost to live in Hawaii?

I'll warn you: living in Hawaii can be expensive and rife with sticker shock. The average price of a single-family home in Hawaii is $780,000 and the average price of a condo is $428,000. And that's just the home prices: Hawaii residents can expect to pay more money than Americans on the mainland for pretty much everything, including food, electricity, gas, and household goods.