12 Things People From Hawaii Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else

As the most isolated population center on the entire planet, the Hawaiian Islands are incredibly unique in everything from our scenery and land formations to our culture and common quirks. Things that seem totally normal here – like throwing shakas in traffic or being cold at 70 degrees – are met with weird looks and confusion anywhere else. These 12 quirks shared by Hawaii locals might seem absolutely insane to anyone who isn’t familiar with Hawaiian culture.

Can you think of any other quirks shared by Hawaii locals? What weird things do you do as a result of living in Hawaii that get you some weird looks elsewhere? If you enjoyed this list, we think you’ll love these 21 hilarious signs that totally define Hawaii.

Address: Hawaii, USA

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The OIYS Visitor Center

Understanding Hawaii's Quirks

March 07, 2021

Do Hawaii locals have any strange habits? 

Of course, they do — did you even read this article? In addition to those habits above, many Hawaii locals refuse to use their car horns, have distinct preferences when it comes to the foods and beverages they consume, and struggle with something called sun guilt. What can we say? Sometimes, you need to recharge by binge-watching Netflix all day, but that can be hard when you feel guilty for not enjoying the weather and taking advantage of Hawaii’s beautiful landscape.

What are the people of Hawaii like?

Hawaii locals are absolutely incredible, with few exceptions, of course. In Hawaii, the Aloha Spirit runs deep and the locals are laid-back, happy, and barely stressed. They also love the beach, local food, and exploring spots hidden from tourists. Bottom line: those who call the Hawaiian Islands home are the best people you will ever meet.

How can you spot someone from Hawaii when you’re not in the Aloha State? 

With a distinct style, specific character quirks, and a unique lifestyle, Hawaii locals are pretty easy to spot – even when they have left the islands. You might spot them bundled up in a sweater when the temperature hits 70 degrees, eating rice with every single meal,  wearing slippers – or as you might call them, flip-flops – everywhere, and throwing shakas everywhere they go.

What are the weirdest things about Hawaii? 

While we might take offense to the word “weird” at times, there’s no denying that the Aloha State is one of the most unique places in the entire country. From bizarre historic stories to the odd places you can visit, you’ll love learning about what makes the Hawaiian Islands so quirky. I personally love telling everyone I meet about the odd and elusive colony of wallabies you’ll find hiding in Oahu’s Kalihi Valley.

Address: Hawaii, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.