Follow This Abandoned Railroad Trail For One Of The Most Unique Hikes In Georgia

Rail to trails are such a neat concept. The projects turn old, abandoned railroad lines into multi-use trails that are perfect for hiking and biking. We have several rail to trails in Georgia, the most famous of which is the Silver Comet Trail. But there are several dozen others that are worth checking out. Rail trails are great because they not only take otherwise unused land and allow it to be used for recreational purposes, but they also tend to be relatively flat and simple trails without much elevation gain or rock scrambling. They’re ideal for novice hikers or those hiking with kids looking for easy trails in Georgia. One of our favorites is the White Oak Trail in White Oak.

You can reach the trailhead from Highway 17 at Refuge Road (right outside of Woodbine) or at the beginning of Highway 252 in White Oak.

For more information about the Rails to Trails initiative, check out the conservancy’s website.

Address: Georgia Coast Rail-Trail, White Oak, GA, USA