Hike To An Abandoned Train Tunnel On The Silver Comet Trail In Georgia

If hiking a regular ol’ trail wasn’t enough for you, then maybe this trail will elevate your experience. For those looking for some quality hiking in Georgia, then you are bound to find as many trails as your hearts desires. Georgia does not lack quality hiking trails, that’s for sure. This particular trail is no different. Not only can you snag a seriously epic hike, but you also get to venture through a historical train tunnel that has long since been abandoned. You’re going to love this train tunnel hike in Georgia.

Address: Silver Comet Trail, Rockmart, GA 30153

Have you ever taken the Silver Comet Trail, a train tunnel hike in Georgia? Did you come across the Brushy Mountain Tunnel? Share your experience with us in the comments section!

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Address: Silver Comet Trail, Georgia, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

train tunnel hike in Georgia

November 30, 2019

What are the best historic attractions in Georgia?

The Central of Georgia Railway is one of the most interesting historic places in Georgia. This unique attraction is located in Chatham, and it’s full of fascinating stories. It was the first railroad to connect the Chattanooga and the Tennessee River to the Atlantic Ocean seaports. For more historic fun, visit the Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant. You’ll definitely want to snap a few pictures here. Want to learn more about the historic places in Georgia? Read our article here.

What are the best hiking trails in Georgia?

Panther Creek Falls Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Georgia. Even though it’s 7 miles long, it’s well worth the trek. Along the way, you’ll see breathtaking views of Panther Creek Falls, one of the state’s most astonishing natural attractions. When the weather is nice, nothing is better than taking a refreshing dip in the waters. The Kennesaw Mountain Trail is another must-visit hiking trail. This one is shorter, just over 2 miles long, and it provides excellent views of Kennesaw Mountain.

Are there any more abandoned places in Georgia?

Dungeness Ruins, located in St. Marys, is one of the most fascinating abandoned places in Georgia. This once stood tall as a regal mansion, but it fell victim to a fire in 1959. Now, all that remains are dilapidated walls. The Harville House in Statesboro is another must-visit abandoned place in Georgia. This historic building will make you wonder who lived there and why they left. The best way to see it is along our abandoned places road trip.

Address: Silver Comet Trail, Georgia, USA