Take A Paved Loop Trail Around This Georgia Lake For A Peaceful Adventure

Hiking in Georgia is great, but we get that sometimes you’re not always up for a “real” hike. Sometimes a peaceful stroll around a lake is all you feel up to, you know? Spending hours taking arduous treks through difficult mountain trails is fun for some, but plenty of people prefer something easier, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One great paved trail in Georgia that won’t take you all day and is accessible for everyone is the Lake Mayer loop in Savannah. This easy trail is stroller and wheelchair-friendly, and it’s such a peaceful little trip through a lovely area!

You can find out more about Lake Mayer Park from the Chatham County Parks and Recreation department.

So how about it: are you a fan of lengthy, difficult hikes through the woods or do you prefer easier paved trails that are more akin to a simple walk? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Address: Lake Mayer, Savannah, GA 31406, USA