Hike Into The Clouds On The James E. Edmonds Trail In Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains

The Peach State is truly diverse, which is great for hikers. If you’re looking to explore unique terrains, we’ve really got it all here. Beach strolls, river walks, casual jaunts through metropolitan areas… you can get it all in Georgia. But one type of landscape that stands out above the rest is our beautiful mountain region. The Northeast Georgia mountains are filled with some of the most popular trails in the state, and it’s really no mystery why. The scenery is incredible and there’s absolutely nothing like standing up at a high elevation and looking down at the wonderful panorama beneath you. One trail that allows you to do just that is the James E. Edmonds Trail. It’s tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the gorgeous Black Rock Mountain State Park, and it is one hike you do not want to miss.

This trail is truly incredible! Have you ever enjoyed any of the mountain trails at Black Rock Mountain State Park? Share your experiences in the comments!

Address: Black Rock Mountain State Park, 3085 Black Rock Mountain Pkwy, Mountain City, GA 30562, USA