Hike The Shores Of The Majestic Murphey Candler Lake At This Park In Georgia

When you think of places with beautiful natural scenery in the Peach State, you’d be forgiven if Atlanta was not among the first places to come to mind. After all, the bustling metropolis is better known for its tall buildings and terrible traffic than for any natural wonders. But tucked away inside this urban environment is the lovely Murphey Candler Park. This oasis within the city is home to a man-made lake that’s perfect for fishing and happens to have a wonderful, easy trail that’s the ideal excursion for just about anyone.

For more information about the park, you can check out the Murphey Candler Park Conservancy website.

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Address: Murphey Candler Park, 1551 W Nancy Creek Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30319, USA