8 Wild Trails In Arkansas That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Another Planet

What’s the first thing you picture when thinking of the Natural State? Is it the forested bluff views from atop Mount Magazine? The cool serene cascades from your favorite waterfall? These may be the typical go-to’s for exploring nature in Arkansas but they’re certainly not the only places. There’s a little slice of the state that has some rather unique features. Today’s trails all have some rather interesting rock formations but they also have a subtle wildness that makes them feel downright otherworldly. These eight trails are concentrated around the tiny town of Sand Gap, each being within a 25 mile radius. So let’s take a weekend getaway to explore a different side of Arkansas.

For a map of all of today’s destinations, use this link.

Have you visited one of the trails along this odd cluster of unique formations? Share your favorite Sand Gap hike with us in the comments below!

Arkansas is also home to some super beautiful canyons as well.